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AutoComLink was recently updated. Installation of the new software version is mandatory.

When you run an older version of the software, it is possible that you may see “Checking for newer version…” for a long period of time while it downloads the new install program. Unfortunately the program lacks a progress bar at this time. Please give the program a few minutes before trying to cancel or kill the process. This will process the update automatically for you.

Some problem were encountered early on Monday, January 21st when the ACL servers were not able to keep up with the heavy demand for program updates. If you are having any problems, please try updating your program manually yourself before contacting AutoComLink Support. This easy task will fix 99% problems associated with the recent update.

  1. Close the Link program (if open) and any software that may use it (Mitchell OnDemand, for example).
  2. Disable any anti-virus software before installation.
  3. Click on the ‘Download’ link above and run the installer.
  4. If you are informed that the publisher cannot be verified or is not safe, please continue to run the program anyway.
  5. Before you open Mitchell, open the Link icon on the desktop.
  6. Use the F1 and do a catalog lookup.
  7. If you do not see available quantities and net cost, check the Auto Price and Availability box and click the Check Now button.
  8. Close Link and try Mitchell again.

If after you try a manual installation and you still have problems, please call AutoComLink Support at 888-225-2580.